Sugarhouse Workshop goods are handmade by Jessica Lewis Stevens in Vermont

About Sugarhouse quilts

Born of a deep appreciation for the beauty and tradition of quilting and a desire to create heirloom-quality blankets and toys for my son, Sugarhouse Workshop is a labor of homesewn love. I am drawn to simple, traditional quilt patterns, naturally dyed colors derived from plants and trees, and the visible marks of hand-making. I believe that quilts are meant to be used as much as they are admired, to be soft enough for a baby to sleep on but strong enough to withstand years of blanket fort building. I think children deserve functional, beautiful, and well-made objects in their lives and in their play, and I strive to create quilts that can be cherished as heirlooms and reminders of home for years to come. Each quilt is made from high-quality, all natural materials with an emphasis on organic fibers and natural dyes. The quilts are machine pieced,  hand quilted, and hand bound, a process that gives each quilt its own unique handmade look and feel.

While my ready-to-ship quilts are typically smaller in size, I enjoy working on larger custom pieces and welcome commission inquiries at any time. See the contact page for details.




Beyond quilts, Sugarhouse Workshop makes sturdy goods and hand-dyed objects that celebrate color, usefulness, and a whimsical connection to nature. Needlebooks for the sewer and knitter, market totes, project bags, kitchen aprons, heirloom celebration buntings, and other simple naturally dyed goods for babies, children, and adults alike can be found from time to time in the shop.

Collaboration is an integral and exciting part of my practice, and I frequently work with other makers and artists to offer workshops and create limited edition goods and special projects. Current and past collaborators include:

Anvil Goods

Brown Parcel Press

The Center for Imaginative Cartography and Research


Gregoria Fibers

Katrina Rodabaugh

McKenzie E. Ditter


Seasonal subscriptions

The Seasonal Silk Club and the Seasonal Bunting Club are subscription-based clubs that allows you to receive two play silks or one heirloom-quality bunting, hand-dyed with plants and minerals each season for one full year. Inspired by the colors of the seasons, the seasonal subscriptions make for special handmade surprises in your mailbox all year round.

In autumn the fibers are dyed deep gold and leafy, orangey reds; in winter, colors inspired by the night sky, ice, and snow. For spring, we'll look for inspiration in violet blossoms and fresh leaf buds, and summer provides an endless color palette from the deep pinks of berries to the yellow of a bright sunny day.  At the end of the year, you will have a set of twelve naturally dyed silks or four full-length buntings in a full spectrum of earth-inspired shades.

Read more about our new seasonal story boxes here


About the maker

Living in southern Vermont, I spend my days quilting, knitting, baking, growing, and gathering with my children. For a glimpse of my quilts-in-progress, kitchen stories, projects, and life at home, follow me on instagram at @sugarhouseworkshop.


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