Seasonal Silk Club: Four Seasons

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Seasonal Silk Club: Four Seasons


The Seasonal Silk Club is a subscription-based club that allows you to receive two play silks, hand-dyed with plants and minerals, each season.

Inspired by the colors of the seasons, these play silks make excellent implements for story telling, imaginative play, dances, fort building, capes, costumes, and decoration. Anything you and your little ones can dream up!

This listing is for all four seasons, beginning with spring 2017. The colors for each season are announced around shipment time, and make a wonderful surprise for children. At the end of the four seasons, you'll have a full range of 8 natural colors representing each time of year.

Spring - ships March 2017

Summer - ships June 2017

Autumn - ships September 2017

Winter - ships December 2017

Each play silk measures approximately 35" x 35" and is finished by hand with a rolled hem. All domestic shipping costs are included. International subscriptions will be billed an additional $25 for the year.

Subscriptions will close March 1, or when sold out.

Note: Because each silk is dyed by hand with natural and organic materials, colors may vary slightly from those pictured. Variation is a natural, and often beautiful, part of dyeing with plants.

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