Seasonal Bunting Club

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Seasonal Bunting Club


Inspired by the success of our Seasonal Silk Club, the bunting club gives folks the opportunity to receive one naturally-dyed, handmade, and seasonal decoration at the start of each season.

Inspired by the colors, dye plants, and an all-around reverence for our four distinctive seasons, these buntings make beautiful, lasting decorations for playrooms, school rooms,  bedrooms, workspaces, or any place in your home that you'd like to invite a bit of seasonal appreciation.

Each bunting measures approximately 65" long with seven pennants.

This listing is for all four seasons, beginning with autumn 2016. The colors for each season are announced around shipment time. At the end of the four seasons, you'll have four buntings you can rotate throughout the months for many years to come. 

Autumn - ships September 2016

Winter - ships December 2016

Spring - ships March 2017

Summer - ships June 2017

You can also add a custom birthday bunting to your annual subscription! An additional, fifth bunting in colors selected just for you or your child, delivered prior to a special occasion. See the listing below for more details.

All domestic shipping costs are included. For international customers, an additional shipping fee will be invoiced for the subscription year(approximately $25 USD).

Note: Buntings pictured in this listing are from past seasons. Your buntings will differ from those in the photos.


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