rainbow soup


Today is a pinch me day. A day to celebrate a joyful collaboration come to life, to share the collective vision, work, and spirit of two friends a coastline's length apart.


The Rainbow Soup collection is more than four prints - it is the shared efforts of two mamas finding inspiration in the work of their hands and homes, the imaginations of their children, and the beauty of the natural world.

The prints are inspired by my quilt patterns and shades of natural dyes, developed from our collaborative vision, and brought to paper with the precise attention to detail and flawless execution of Megan's hands alone.


 The ink colors were based on shades made in my kitchen dye pots from onion skins, avocado, cutch, black beans, osage orange, and indigo. The patterns from quilts I've made or stitches I've placed. Best of all,  Megan didn't just translate fabric sketches onto paper but instead imbued each image with the reflection and imperfection of work made by hand. Corners that don't perfectly match, stitches that run closer to the sides in some spots than others. A quilt is something human, after all.


Each of these letterpress prints were pulled by hand at Brown Parcel Press, once through the press for each color. They'll arrive to you wrapped in naturally dyed ribbon and hand printed paper, ready to adorn children's rooms and studios alike.


Shop the limited edition collection at Brown Parcel Press here.

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