Sugarhouse Workshop is a space for the creative work of Jessica Lewis Stevens

Bespoke quilts, traditional sourdough breads, writings on motherhood and hand-making, natural dyes, autumn pies. Homesewn clothes, gathered herbs, two little boys,  warm cookies, mended knees, garden peas. 

In my shop you will find quilts made from organic linen and cotton dyed with natural colors, buntings, swaddles, and other small things; hand-bound recipe books filled with notes and treats from my home kitchen; story boxes filled with stories, ideas, and crafts that celebrate the joy of each season.

In my journal, read stories of long days at home and the little bits of magic that fill them, workshop rememberings, special collaborations, and notes on mothering two gentle, wild ones.

A couple of favorites are this story of a quiet day that turned adventuresome back when I was just a mama of one, and this one, from River's first winter when I  baked all my hard mornings into more-whole afternoons. . 

In my archive, photos of quilts and colors I’ve made with heart and by hand.

To learn more about natural dyes, quilting, sourdough baking, and plenty more, look for upcoming workshops or visit some of my simple tutorials.

For pie, just wander right over here.



About Jessica

Living in southern Vermont, I spend my days quilting, knitting, baking, growing, and gathering with my children. For peeks of my quilts-in-progress, kitchen stories, projects, and life at home, follow me on instagram at @sugarhouseworkshop.



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